I help educators and administrators ideate, create, and execute programs that support their strategic vision so that their students have bright and happy futures!

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Hi! I’m Lisa Imel!

With a wide array of experiences as a teacher, school administrator, curriculum coordinator, school board member and licensed superintendent, I’ve honed in on the strategies necessary to elevate the educational experience for all stakeholders and in turn, authored (the school administrator’s best friend) 5 Steps to Reclaim Your School & Sanity! An Action Plan for Immediate Impact! Over the years, I have been honored to be recognized for my work in bullying prevention and awarded the distinguished Fulbright Award through which I participated in the Argentina Fulbright Principal Exchange, sponsored by American Councils for International Education and the United States Department of State. It’s been a phenomenal journey and I almost feel like it’s just getting started! 

Now, I am the President and Chief Educational Consultant at EDSolutions Group. With my background, I know how challenging and important your job is! I know what it’s like – with all of the noise, the minutiae and the competing stakeholders to make your vision a reality – I get it! 

My experiences inspired me to create solutions to support YOU! If you are looking for immediate impact engaging your school stakeholders, the School Success Lab© is for you! For current and aspiring school administrators, I coach you and other inspired administrators to create your own School Success Progress Map© and connect to what matters most for an immediate impact! Or, perhaps you want to renew your commitment and reconnect to your why? Reclaim Your Joy! 5 Powerful Practice to Elevate Your Work & Life is a digital workshop you may be interested in!

I am here to serve my fellow educators and it brings me immense joy to be able to support you and in turn help young people have brighter and happier futures. Reach out to me if there is anything at all I can do to help you achieve your goals and your vision of excellence! 

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You are here for a reason and I am so glad you are! I can help you by providing solutions to the challenges you face.

  • Do you believe in a growth mindset and you need support to bring your vision to fruition?
  • Do you want to connect with your ‘why’ and reclaim your joy as an educator?
  • Do you want to transform your school and experience benefits that also transform your life?
  • Are you a business and want to connect with your local schools but don’t know how?
  • Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to achieve your vision?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed as a new administrator and don’t even know where to begin?


When I was an administrator I took notes on all of the challenges I faced and created proactive solutions, systems and structures to make my work more impactful and more enjoyable. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed, like you are just spinning your wheels. You can make progress starting today with one of the programs or workshops I created. Or, you can reach out to EDSolutions Group to support you through a Transformation Focused Consulting experience! Our team can help you make the progress you want faster and more simply. My goal is to make your life easier, happier and more fulfilling (and fun)!


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EDSolutions for You!

Transformation Focused School District Consulting

Future Ready and Better Together©

Business and Community Engagement Strategy and Consulting including Portrait of a Graduate development | Bridge the gap to galvanize your community and your school district brand through meaningful business and postsecondary partnerships engagement!

College, Career, and Life Readiness Professional Learning & Strategic Planning

Includes Get Focused Stay Focused Implementation & NEXTPath© Student Leadership Program yearly license | Empowered Kids, Everyone Wins!© is the theme of this strategic effort to make school relevant!

The Inspired Administrator Elite Coaching©

Individual & Group Professional Learning and Leadership Coaching | Elevate your excellence as a school administrator with our elite program for individuals and teams!

The Inspired Administrator Society©

Exclusive Online Membership Community | Feedback and support is just a click away with a group of like-minded educators and ongoing leadership training.

School Success Lab©

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW! Premier Online Professional Development for Administrators and Aspiring Administrators | Be inspired & develop your own School Success Progress Map© for immediate impact in the areas that matter most!

30 Parents in 30 Days Challenge©

Powered by the Parent Engagement Lab© Parent Engagement Program for Educators | Transform your school’s parent experience! Proven to increase student retention, reverse 'open-enrollment out' and increase parent satisfaction for short and long term benefits

Reclaim Your Joy Lab! 5 Powerful Practices to Elevate Your School & Life!©

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW! | Designed for educators who want to be inspired to take their school and their life to the next level!


Founded by Lisa Imel, M.Ed., EDSolutions Group is a national education organization providing inspired educational solutions that empower students, parents, educators, business, post-secondary partners and communities to brighter and happier futures! EDSolutions Group is the premier strategic planning partner to school districts, community schools, businesses, workforce development, national and international education organizations. We aim to maximize the educational experience and achievement of your vision through transformation focused consulting, individual and group coaching for current and aspiring school administrators, online and in person professional learning for educators. Visit edsolutionsgroup.com to learn more.

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